Frequently Asked Questions:

Parks Rules & Regulations

Q: Where can I learn more about local park regulations?
A:  You can review the Lower Paxton Chapter 132 Parks & Recreations ordinances.
Q:  Are there park rules I should know?
A:  Yes, please look over our local park rules.


Q: When can I make my reservation for next year?
A: The day after Presidents’ Day

Q:  What if it rains on my reservation date?
A:  This is an outdoor facility, so there is always a risk of bad weather. You will be able to reschedule for another date within the same summer season.  You will not be eligible for a refund.

Q:  What is included with the reservation of a pavilion?
A:  The pavilion is exclusively yours for the period of time you reserved. Your guests will also have access to the restrooms, playground, and any courts or ballfields that are not already reserved by someone else.

Q:  Can I bring anything I want to the park?
A:  No. A few common items that are not allowed include: gas grills, pop-up tents, food trucks, sales of food or merchandise, balloons or confetti, bounce houses, DJs or loud music.

Q:  If I can't bring those, what CAN I bring?
A:  Decorations that are easily removable, coolers for cold food or drinks, crockpots to keep hot food hot. Your rental includes use of the electric outlets.

Q:  Are fields or courts included when you reserve a pavilion and obtain a pavilion permit?
A:  No. A pavilion permit only guarantees use of the pavilion. It does not include any use of the fields or courts. Fields and courts may be reserved separately depending on availability. 

Q:  What is the process to reserve a field or court?
A:  A field or court request can be submitted to the Parks and Recreation department using this online form or by calling Kathy at 717-657-5600 ext. 2109. Reservations are based on availability.

Q:  Is there a fee to reserve a field or court?
A:  Yes. Rental fees are listed here.


Q:  What is the last day to register?
A:  The last Friday in March by 5:00pm.

Q:  Can my child play up or down in age?
A:  Children can play up but not down in age.

Q:  How do I know if games are canceled?
A:  We send email notifications to the coaches. You can follow @brightbillbball on Twitter to receive game status tweets. If you don't have a Twitter account then use the Google browser to search @brightbillbball. Click on the search results for @brightbillbball to see the tweets. 

Q: What about rain delays?
A: We send email notifications to the coaches and add a Twitter message on @brightbillbball.

Q:  Can I register without being on a team?
A:  Yes, free agents are welcome to register.


Q:  If I can’t attend a make up class can I receive a refund?
A:  No, refunds will only be given if we are unable to provide a makeup class.

Q:  Can I drop-in for a class?
A:  Yes.

Summer Camp

Q:  If my child does not attend camp every day, do I still have to pay for the entire week? 
A:  Yes, we do not offer a daily rate. You must pay the camp weekly fee whether your child attends only one day or all days.

Q:  What about rain cancellations or delays?
A:   We send email notifications to the contact email for registered campers.

Q:  Can my child still attend camp, if they are not going to the pool or on a field trip? 
A:  Yes, camp will be in session from 8:00am to 1:00pm Monday through Friday even on pool days and field trip days.

Q:  Can I add a pool day even if I did not add it when I registered my child? 
A:  Yes, pool days must be requested by email to lgreen@lowerpaxton-pa.gov no later than 12:00pm the Thursday before the requested week.

Q:  Are pool days refundable? 
A: Only if we cancel a pool day or you request a refund the week before. Anything less than a week will not be refunded.