About Us

We are so excited that you've taken the time to visit our website and learn more about all the opportunities available to you as a resident or guest of Lower Paxton Township.  We're hard at work organizing and creating for each of you!
We want you to feel welcome, included and engaged with the activities, programs and events that are offered throughout each year. It is our belief that our community works better together. Therefore we rely on each of you to engage with our staff and keep us informed on how we can help improve your park system as well as our program offerings.
We hope to continue to create a strong community by bringing everyone together through our leagues, concerts, volunteer activities and more! 
The Parks & Recreation Department is committed and dedicated to enriching the lives of our residents by providing exceptional experiences and a quality park system.

The Parks & Recreation Department is located at the Township Municipal Center.

425 Prince Street, Suite 107
Harrisburg, PA 17109
Ph: 717-657-5600

The 'New' Friendship YMCA (operated and managed by Harrisburg Area YMCA)
can be reached at:
5000 Commons Drive

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