Programs & Events

About Us

Lower Paxton Township, through its Parks and Recreation Department, provides hundreds of acres of parkland for public use, while annually offering in excess of 400 recreation programs, and special events. Each year, over 15,000 individuals participate in activities sponsored by the department. Through the offering of these programs and services, the department seeks to promote personal well-being in the form of physical, social, and mental health.

The Friendship Center

The offices of Parks and Recreation Department are in the Friendship Center. This facility:

  • Addresses educational, health, recreational, and social needs
  • Provides resources not otherwise available in the community or affordable to all income levels
  • Is visionary, anticipating the Township's needs and programs for many years to come
  • Accommodates families and citizens of all ages
  • Looks good
  • Is inviting and safe
  • Is affordable to operate

The Friendship Center provides for both community services and recreational activities. It generates revenues from reasonable user fees. It allows for a fair allotment of time and space among various groups of people.