Municipal Center Room

Meeting Rooms are available for use by Lower Paxton Non-Profit groups serving Lower Paxton residents, for non-profit and civic purposes only.

A group may request to reserve a room by filling out this application. The application may be submitted to the Parks & Recreation Office in the Municipal Center. Generally, rooms are not available Tuesday evenings, Friday evenings, Saturdays, or Sundays.
Township Committees and Township run programs use the rooms regularly so availability may be limited.
Because parking is limited, room use may be limited even if a room is unoccupied.
Food and drinks, and loud music and noise are prohibited, and all trash must be properly disposed of using trash cans in the room.
All chairs must be returned to the racks and tables must be returned to the perimeter of the room. 
Any meetings that take place after the Municipal Center closes will be given instructions on how to access the building/rooms.
Misuse or abuse of the room or violation of any rules will result in denial of future use.

Meeting Room Application