Annual Municipal Budgetary Process

In accordance with State statutes, the Township and Authority enact annual balanced budgets no later than December 31st, establishing the authorizing authority for expending public funds for the provision of municipal services in the forthcoming year.  Those services (including public safety, maintenance and management of parks and recreational areas and services, code enforcement and community/economic development, management of streets and public access, sanitary sewer, and stormwater infrastructure, and general public administration/communication) are provided through a complement of real estate and earned income taxes and fees for public services meant to create self-sufficiency of the Township’s operations and provide financial reserves to weather emergencies and plan for long-term infrastructure management.

Overall, the budgetary process is a complex, comprehensive, public evaluation of the costs to provide necessary public services and the financial needs to adequately meet public demand relative to those services.  The Township’s budgetary process begins annually in the summer and involves a series of publicly advertised budget workshops during September through November, concluding with formal public presentation and draft approval for advertisement of a public inspection period for the budget in November and final adoption in December.  Copies of those documents are available on the respective Township Meeting Agendas.  The Authority traditionally presents a draft public budget for sanitary sewer and stormwater activities in August, and final presentation and adoption in November.

2024 Municipal Budget

Below are documents relative to the 2024 budgetary process for the Township and Authority, starting with the final 2024 adopted budgetary packages for each entity, and all other publicly-presented preliminary and draft materials leading toward the final adoptions:   

 Adopted 2024 Budgets

Township Budgets

  1. Final Township Budgets - All Funds (Adopted 12/19/2023)
  2. Final Public Budget Presentation for Public Inspection Period (Presented 11/14/2023)

Authority Budgets

  1. Final Sewer Fund Budget (Adopted 11/28/2023)
  2. Final Stormwater Fund Budget (Adopted 11/28/2023)
  3. Final Authority Public Budget Presentation (Presented 11/28/2023)


Preliminary Township Budgets

  1. Budget Workshop Presentation (Presented 10/17/2023)
  2. General Fund - Summary Budget Report (Presented 10/17/2023)
  3. General Fund - Detailed Budget Report (Presented 10/17/2023)
  4. General Improvements Fund Budget Report (Presented 10/17/2023)
  5. Solid Waste & Recycling Collection (Refuse) Fund Budget Report (Presented 10/17/2023)
  6. Fire Fund Budget Report (Presented 10/10/2023)
  7. State Aid (Highway) Fund Budget Report (Presented 9/19/2023

Preliminary Departmental Budgets

  1. Police Department Budget Report (Presented 10/10/2023)
  2. Public Works Department Budget Report (Presented 9/19/2023)
  3. Parks & Recreation Department Budget Report (Presented 9/12/2023)
  4. Community Development Department Budget Report (Presented 9/5/2023)

Previous Years' Adopted Budgets

Copies of the budgets are available for review at the Township Municipal Center during normal business hours or select the budget year below to view a PDF version of the budgets.

  1. 2023
  2. 2022
  3. 2021
  4. 2020
  5. 2019
  6. 2018
  7. 2017