June & July Artists

Meet Laurie Holmes

Laurie H headshotHello, my name is Laurie Holmes, and I am the proud owner of Sea Art by Lali. For every passion there is the why that is the catalyst to begin a journey. My love for art began at a very early age. I was always in awe of my Pop Pop who was an amazing artist. My son Nick also continues to inspire me with his creative genius.

At the age of 6 I began my desire to create by carving out tiny goblets from pieces of chalk. By the time I was in 6th grade I had an affinity for sketching whatever my imagination conjured up. Sadly, as I progressed through school my interest in art waned. After having my second child, Emily, something inside spurred me to create again. Once again life got in the way, and I took another very lengthy art sabbatical.

After many years and several life altering changes the art itch came back again. I was feeling more inspired than ever and always envisioned myself on the other side of the table at art shows. I wanted to be telling the story behind my passion as I handed off a unique one-of-a-kind creation.
Laurie display case

My vision became a reality and now I offer a plethora of creative options from poured acrylic canvases, alcohol ink framed pieces, alcohol ink jewelry, mandala dotted works, hand painted wine glasses, and have even launched a clothing line courtesy of a company called LeGaleriste.

I consign at a local shop in New Cumberland, Creative Spark Arts, and host workshops there. In addition, I participate in local art shows and pop-up markets.

I combine my love of art with my love for the beach. Some people envision their future in their mind or a dream board. Now I can wear my future aspirations! 

Creative Spark Arts   

LeGaleriste Sea Art by Lali

Meet Shelly Lipscomb Echeverria

Shelly L Headshot

Shelly (Lipscomb) Echeverria is an illustrator, still-life, landscape and portrait painter. She builds her inspiration from places traveled, nature, and family.

Shelly holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and makes her home in Central Pennsylvania. Her paintings hang in the Pennsylvania State Capitol, medical offices, and restaurants in the central Pennsylvania region.

On painting; “I paint because I must! Making art brings me peace. I can lose myself for hours while I’m painting. It’s what my soul was created to do. I love people and am intrigued by them. This is why portraiture is my favorite work. In my portraits, I try to capture the personality of the individual looking beyond skin tones and features. I was inspired to look back into nature after a visit to the Hershey Gardens. I am intrigued by color and prefer to use bold and vibrant palettes.”

Shelly self-published a book “So they say I have Breast Cancer” to inspire others going through life altering challenges. Currently, she is working on a series of children’s picture books with Bena Hartman Books with first in the series “My Elephant-Sized Dream”. She also illustrated a resource book “The Fight” by Dr. Brittany Patterson.                                                     

Shelly wall display Opens in new window