Sewer Emergencies

Are you experiencing sewer problems and have no idea what to do? Is the problem inside your house plumbing system or outside in the main sewer line? Is it your responsibility or the Township's to correct the problem? 

Be Careful

If you're like most people you never give these questions a thought until they happen to you! Like most things, "Out of sight, out of mind." You have to be careful with what you flush down the commode and empty into your sink drains!

Common Sewer Problems

Some common types of sewer problems are odors, slow drains and/or water backups in tubs, sinks, commodes, and floor drains. If you experience these types of problems, you may need help! Before you call a plumber for service, see if you can correct the problem on your own.


If there is an odor of sewage coming from a drain check the trap and roof vent. Sink, tub, and floor drains have "traps" designed to keep odors from coming out. Traps hold water preventing the passage of sewer gas. 

If the water in a trap evaporates, sewer gas flows from the drain into the living area. Roof vents provide a means for sewer gas to escape pipes. Blocked roof vents prevent sewer gas from venting into the atmosphere.

Slow Drains / Backups

For slow drains and/or sewage backups, contact the Sewer Department. Personnel is available to inspect the main sewer line to ensure there are no problems in the Township's system causing a backup into the house. The department will correct mainline problems at no cost to you. 

After inspection of the mainline, you will be notified of our findings. If there is no mainline blockage, then property owners should contact a plumber to correct the problem. 

Contact the Sewer Department

Contact the Sewer Department at 717-657-5623, Monday through Friday, 7 am to 3 pm

After Hours & Holidays

For service prior to 7 am and after 3 pm, as well as Saturday, Sunday and holidays, an "on-call" representative is available to assist in emergencies by calling 717-648-7591. Please leave a clear message with a name, address, and phone number where you can be reached and your call will be returned as soon as possible.