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The Lower Paxton Township Zoning Hearing Board will meet on Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the Lower Paxton Township Municipal Building, 425 Prince Street Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to hear testimony and/or act upon the following applications for variances.

Docket No. 1409 and SE 18-03.  Continuation of hearing on application of SJ Grater, LLC for a special exception and variances to erect an addition to the existing dental practice and facility at 4121 and 4129 Locust Lane, Lower Paxton Township in an R-2 Residential District.  The applicant seeks a special exception to expand the non-conforming use of the property for dental offices as well as variances from the maximum percentage increase in the expansion of a non-conforming use, side and rear yard buffers, and restrictions on changes to non-conforming signs.  The applicant also seeks relief from front yard setback requirements.

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