Leaf Waste & Compost

Leaf waste includes leaves, weeds, shrub trimmings, bundled tree prunings, and garden waste.  Leaf waste does not include grass.  Grass is collected with the solid waste.  Plastic bags CANNOT be used for leaf waste.

There are several ways to dispose of leaf waste in Lower Paxton Township.

  • Waste Management collects leaf waste at curbside on a bi-monthly basis (19 collections per year) as part of the regular solid waste and recyclables collection program (Waste Management Leaf Waste Collection Calendar).
  • Residents can deliver leaf waste to the compost facility on Conway Road (Permit required).
  • In the fall of each year, leaves raked to the curb along Township roads will be collected by the Public Works Department using vacuum equipment. A collection schedule will be posted on this website and will be available at the Municipal Center in advance of vacuum collection.

Because leaf waste is a recyclable item, it may not be put in the trash or burned.  Bags or containers that have a mix of leaf waste and trash will not be collected by Waste Management, nor will they be accepted at the compost facility.

Residents Deliver Leaf Waste to Compost Facility

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays of each week from 7:30 A.M. until 5:00 P.M., residents may deliver leaf waste to the Township's compost facility at 6613 Conway Road.  This facility is open starting the first Tuesday of April and continues until the third Saturday in December.

A permit is required to use the facility.

  • Leaf waste does not include stumps or trees.  Tree trimmings must be less than 12" in diameter when brought to the compost facility.
  • "Kraft" bags must be used for leaf waste deposited at the compost facility or leaf waste may be deposited loose. Plastic trash bags are not accepted at the compost facility.
  • The compost facility is manned and residents must display their permit to gain access.
  • The compost facility is located on Conway Road, south of Union Deposit Road and west of Nyes Road, near Hodges Heights Park.
  • Leaf waste may not be deposited outside the facility gates; this will be considered littering and offenders will be fined.
  • This facility is for Lower Paxton Township residents only.
  • Permits are available at the Municipal Center and at Hornung's Hardware Store during regular business hours.
  • Screened leaf mulch and woody waste, when available, may be taken by residents at no charge.

Christmas Trees

The Township also has two drop-off sites for the disposal of Christmas Trees during January.  Trees may be taken to Koons Park in Linglestown, and the Public Works Facility on Locust Lane.  There is no charge to take Christmas trees to these locations.  Trees must be free of all decorations and plastic "tree bags" may not be used.

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