Collection of Recyclables

Details on Recycling in Lower Paxton Township:

Lower Paxton Township requires all residents occupying single-family and multi-family dwellings of two and three units to recycle specific materials from their solid waste.  The following materials are recyclable:

  • Glass Containers - Food & Beverage Glass Only
  • Aluminum, Steel Cans
  • Plastics (#1, #2, #5)
  • Cardboard (corrugated cardboard & shipping boxes only)
  • Cartons
  • Newspapers

How to prepare your materials for recycling:

Glass Containers: Rinse glass containers and remove lids.  Paper labels do not need to be removed.  Do not crush glass containers.  NOTE: window glass, mirrors, ceramics, drinking glasses, dishes or light bulbs are not recyclable.

Aluminum & Steel Cans: Rinse cans and flatten to save space.  Labels can be left on cans.

Plastics:  Plastic water, juice & soda bottles; plastic containers #1, #2, & #5 - this may include items such as shampoo bottles, liquid detergent containers, condiment bottles, etc. Please check the container to find the designated number.
Rinse plastic containers, remove caps.

(Plastic grocery or drycleaner bags are not recyclable at the curb, check with the store for recycling locations.)

Cardboard:  Corrugated cardborad & shipping boxes only. Cardboard boxes with a wax finish cannot be recycled. Remove all packaging inside the box. Flatten all boxes. If weather calls for high winds or rains, keep your recycling inside until the following week, if possible.
Wet cardboard products are more difficult to process.

Cartons: There are two types of packaging that food and beverage products come in that you can purchase at the store: 
Shelf stable cartons - include juice, milk, soup, broth, etc
Refridgerated cartons - include milk, juice, cream, egg substitute cartons, etc
Be sure to remove straws. Make sure carton is empty and rinsed out. 

Newspaper: Newspapers only.  Cover loose papers with heavier items to prevent them from blowing away.  

Corrugated Boxes:  Corrugated boxes (packing boxes) must be cut flat into 3-foot by 3-foot squares and must be bundled together with string. Place bundles beside the recyclables container.

  • Recyclable materials may be commingled, with the exception of corrugated boxes.  Place bottles, cans, jars, flat cardboard, newspapers in the recycling container.
  • Corrugated boxes (packing boxes) must be cut flat and tied into bundles no larger than 3-foot by 3-foot and placed beside the recycling container.
  • Rinse recyclable beverage and food containers to keep insects away and to aid in the recycling process.  Recyclables contaminated with food particles are considered solid waste.
  • Do NOT put any recyclables in plastic bags.

Unacceptable Items:

  • food-soiled materials
  • broken glass/drinking glasses
  • scrap metal
  • plastic bags like grocery bags
  • waxy cardboard
  • hoses
  • shredded paper
  • needles & medical waste
  • mirrors/ceramics
  • aluminum foil
  • wet cardboard/paper
  • light bulbs
  • Christmas lights
  • propane tanks
  • plastic tableware (forks, knives, etc)
  • used paper towels/tissues

More information on recycling provided by Penn Waste:

Electronics Recycling: The Dauphin County Recycling Center accepts many types of electronic equipment, and other items which are recyclable but may not be collected at the curb.  This is free for all residents of Dauphin County.

Examples: televisions, microwaves, cellular phones, computers and related equipment, rechargeable batteries, and many other items.

For $5, the DCRC will perform confidential paper shredding.

Questions should be directed to DCRC, at 982-6772.

The County has additional information on its website:  Follow the link for waste management and recycling.

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