Bridge Update from PennDOT (Route 22/I-83) - June 17, 2018

Update from PennDOT provided June 17, 2018...

The ramp from westbound Route 22 to northbound I-83 that was closed on Tuesday, June 12, is now reopened to traffic (Sunday morning, June 17), the two lanes of westbound traffic on Route 22 should be shifted to the right and onto the newly built portion of the bridge over I-83. The completed portion of the new bridge and its roadway approaches is at a higher elevation than the existing roadway and original bridge. Consequently, there will no longer be a left turn available from westbound Route 22 to southbound I-83. The traffic signal will be removed and the ramp from westbound Route 22 to southbound I-83 will be closed. Closing this ramp will have a big impact for many motorists. The official detour directs motorists to northbound I-83 to northbound Interstate 81 and on to the Exit 72 interchange with Mountain Road, and then back on southbound I-81 to southbound I-83. Motorists are encouraged to plan ahead and seek alternate routes and allow additional time in their travel plans.  

With the two lanes of westbound Route 22 traffic shifted onto the newly-constructed section of the new bridge, traffic will essentially be split across the bridge, with eastbound traffic where it is currently located on the old bridge and westbound traffic on the new bridge. Concrete barriers will separate the live traffic from the work area in the middle area that used to carry westbound traffic. This condition will continue for about a month to a month-and-a-half. During this time, the contractor will build up the elevation of the road to reach the higher elevation of the new bridge.

When the build-up of this area of the roadway has been completed in late July or early August, the two lanes of eastbound traffic will then be moved onto the new bridge and the contractor will then demolish the remaining portion of the old bridge and build the last section of the new bridge. When the last section of the new bridge has been completed, traffic will be placed in its proper alignment, the traffic signals on Route 22 where the northbound and southbound ramps are located will be activated, and all the turning movements will be restored and the remaining detours lifted.  This should happen around mid-to-late fall. Due to the typically cold temperatures in mid-to-late fall, final paving – the paving of the wearing course (i.e., the top layer with a finer grade of asphalt) on the roadway approaches to the bridge – will likely take place in the spring of 2019 when temperatures will be more conducive for paving.

This work at the I-83 Exit 50 interchange is part of an overall construction contract that began in 2016 to replace three bridges that cross over I-83 in Lower Paxton Township – Elmerton Avenue (State Route 3026), Route 22 (Jonestown Road) and Union Deposit Road (SR 3020). The Elmerton Avenue bridge was rebuilt in 2016. Construction of the Union Deposit Road bridge at I-83 Exit 48 wrapped up last fall. The Route 22 bridge at the I-83 Exit 50 interchange should be substantially complete by the end of this year. All three new bridges will provide greater lateral under clearance to provide the width necessary to widen I-83 to six lanes. The I-83 widening project is currently scheduled to start late this year and finish in 2021.

PennDOT has contracted with New Enterprise Stone & Lime Company, Inc. of New Enterprise, Pennsylvania, to conduct the three bridge replacements at a cost of $34,199,999. The overall project with the three bridges is scheduled to wrap up in spring 2019.

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