Historical Committee

Lower Paxton Township Historical Commission

Mission Statement:
Identify and preserve the history of the people who lived amongst the rich mountains, trails and lands of Lower Paxton Township.
To promote the collection, exhibition, interpretation, education, and publication of the heritage for our community; present and future.

Monthly Meetings are held the first Thursday of the month at the Lower Paxton Township Municipal Center.

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Next Meeting:
Thursday, June 6, 2019 at 6:30 pm** (new start time)
Lower Paxton Township Municipal Center


About the Meeting:

The June Presentation will be about St. Thomas UCC Church and Wenrich Cemetery presented by Kathie Hensch Gifford, Chairman of the St. Thomas UCC History Preservation Committee. 
This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Lower Paxton Township dating back to the 1700’s.  Many prominent citizens who helped settle this area reside in Wenrich.
 Guests will not only hear the story of Wenrich, they will also hear the history of the church and how the grounds and tombstones are kept in such great condition.
Hopefully, what is shared will help the Committee as they start restoring some of the township treasures. 



Catch up on previous historical presentations here...

Historical Commission's YouTube Channel


Lower Paxton Township Historical Commision B-26 Crash
April 22, 1951, a B-26 traveling from Ohio to Delaware crashed into Blue Mountain, north of Linglestown, in Lower Paxton, PA. Three crew members were killed in the accident.
The hour presentation tells the story of the crew, plane and flight presented by Bob Thomas and David Doyle with a special guest that visited the site soon after the crash, telling eyewitness accounts.

B-26 Historical Presentation

 Lower Paxton Township Historical Commission Presentation of The Running Pump Farm by Eric Kessler.
This presentation tells the history of the farm from 1725 to 2018.  This farm has produced crops every year since 1725 and continues today. 
This Historical Presentation covers the 6 families that lived on the farm and how their lives we’re effected by it’s history.  

Running Pump Farm Presentation

The link below is for the Lower Paxton Township Historical Commission Presentation of the Great Linglestown Fair. 
Many thanks to Judy Miller Klinefelter and her Brother Bob Miller.

Linglestown Fair Presentation

Bryan Van Sweden from the Pennsylvania Historical Preservation Department, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. 
Discussed the Preservation of Historical Buildings in Lower Paxton Township Historical Society of Dauphin County, The State Museum of Pennsylvania

Preservation of Historical Buildings

Find out why it is better to restore a home than destroy it. Audrey and Jayson found many treasures as they uncovered the wonders of their 1875 Linglestown Home in Lower Paxton Township, PA.
Follow their adventure as they worked in the home and what they uncovered.

1875 House Restored by Audrey and Jayson Cowden

The History of the Trolley System that serviced the Harrisburg, Lower Paxton and Linglestown. The Linglestown Trolley ran from 1904 to 1931.

Trolleys of Lower Paxton Township

The story of the Restoration of the 1820 Eisenhower House located off of Nyes Rd. Lower Paxton Township, Pennsylvania.
Built by the Great, Great Grandfather of Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States.
Four Generations of Eisenhower’s lived in Lower Paxton Township and Dauphin County.
Restoration and Presentation done by Pam & Paul Velencia.

Eisenhower House


This is the story of the Orphanage and Masonic Home in Linglestown, Lower Paxton Township PA, from 1908 to the 1950's.
If you missed the February meeting you can now see the Historical Presentation on YouTube or click the link below.

Prince Hall of PA Orphanage and Masonic Home


Did you know that Lower Paxton Township almost had a railroad running through it? In the 1800's a rail line was laid out that would have passed through the Linglestown area, construction started but the line was never completed. However to this day, nearly 150 years later, there are excavations and stone masonry artifacts remaining that tell this brief chapter in our local history. The Historical Presentation for March was the South Mountain Railroad, presented by Bob Thomas, which was incorporated May 5, 1854 and was to run from Harrisburg to Jonestown. Around 1872 grading began between Rockville and Linglestown, however the collapse of the Bridge Route plans in the panic of 1873 brought work to a halt. The company was forced to auction off its personal property in 1877 and in 1880 right of ways, leases and passenger were sold off. It was reorganized in 1893 as the Blue Mountain Railroad and in 1901 as Harrisburg and South Mountain Railroad which was inactive by 1912.

South Mountain Railroad


Follow the link below to the video of RJ Harris WHP 580 Salute the Troops and Lower Paxton Township Historical Commission Memorial to the crew of the B-26 that crashed
into Blue Mountain on April 22, 1951 North of Linglestown, PA. Heroes Grove, Brightbill Park. 
This event was held on Saturday May 4, 2019 and Congressman Scott Perry, State Rep. Andrew Lewis, LPT Supervisor Norm Zoumas, LPT Historical Commissioners David Doyle and Bob Thomas took a part in this event.

B-26 Memorial Presenation at Heroes Grove on May 4




Lower Paxton Township Historic Sites List


Historical Walking Tour of Linglestown - Guide



In The Press:
Article in The Burg - May 2018


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