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1. Where is the Friendship Center located?
2. Do you need to be a resident to use the Friendship Center or to become a member?
3. What payment options are available for memberships?
4. How old must my child be to stay at the Friendship Center without adult supervision?
5. What types of programs are offered at the Friendship Center?
6. When is the Program Guide published?
7. How can I receive the latest updates on news, programs, and events at the Friendship Center?
8. Can I get a refund for a recreation program or class?
9. Why would my program be cancelled?
10. Will I be notified if I am accepted when I mail or fax my registration?
11. How can I register for program?
12. Are gift certificates available?
13. Does the Friendship Center have birthday party packages?
14. Can I purchase discount tickets to amusement parks and ski resorts at the Friendship Center?