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Happy Tails Dog Park

Subfacility of Kohl Memorial Park

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Happy Tails Dog Park Rules (PDF)


Happy Tails Dog Park is located within Kohl Memorial Park. The dog park is built on almost two acres and features two separate pet areas for larger and smaller dogs. The park is surrounded by 5-foot fencing with double-gate entrances for the safety of your dogs. It is a great spot for dog owners to meet and allow their pets to play and socialize. Bring your own water for dogs.


During the September 2, 2008 regular meeting, the Lower Paxton Township Board of Supervisors Township unanimously approved Resolution 2008-36 authorizing the development of a dog park in Kohl Park. The Resolution was approved based upon the following requirements:

  • The citizens group shall conduct a public fundraising campaign, in cooperation with the Township, for the purpose of planning, construction, and maintenance of the dog park. Cooperation shall include regular reports to the Parks and Recreation Board concerning activities, and coordination of all planning, construction, and maintenance activities with Township staff.
  • The dog park plans shall be reviewed and approved by the Township prior to beginning construction.
  • All construction shall comply with applicable federal, state, and local codes and regulations.
  • The official name of the dog park shall be reviewed and approved by the Township prior to facility dedication for use.
  • The dog park shall be constructed entirely within the space allotted in the official park plan.
  • The dog park shall be designed to blend with other park facilities.
  • The dog park shall be designed to maximize safety of park users, dog owners, and their dogs.
  • The dog park shall be owned and operated by the Township as a public recreation facility.