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Lower Paxton Township has adopted the 2015 International Residential Code and the 2015 International Building Code.

With regard to viewing the Building Code: parts of the IBC are available online, however some documents must be purchased or you may contact the Community Development Department to review documents at the Municipal Center.
International Code Reference Page


The 2009 IRC Appendix G pertaining to swimming pools and spas has been retained and for additional information see the 2015 International Swimming Pool & Spa Code.

The 2015 International Residential Code requires sunrooms to comply with the AAMA/NPEA/NSA/2100-12 Specifications for sunrooms. This referenced standard shall be used for plan submittal and construction.  This document can be reviewed online.

Energy compliance is a builder or design professional’s choice, between the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code, Chapter 11 of the International Residential Code 2018 Pennsylvania Residential Alternative Energy Provisions or US Department of Energy Online Tool.

Deck plans and construction shall be in accordance with the 2015 IRC Section R 507. 
Handrails – Section R301.5, R3811.7.8 through R311.7.12.4
Guards-Section R312.
Stairways shall comply with the 2015 Uniform Construction Code Section 403.21.

Residential and Commercial plan submittal shall include 3 sets of drawings.
A plot plan is required for new construction additions, pools, decks, etc.
Commercial plans are required to be sealed and signed by a Pennsylvania Architect or an Engineer.
For more information see section 403.42a of the UCC.
The plans shall include completion of a Building Permit, Plumbing Permit (if applicable), Zoning & Stormwater Applications (if applicable).
The Building Permit Application is also used for electrical, mechanical, and other types of work. 
Licensing is not a requirement for commercial or residential work. 

Permit fees for new commercial buildings and additions shall be calculated using the ICC Building Valuation Data 2012. Other commercial projects shall be calculated at $7.35 per thousand dollars.
Residential construction(other than single family dwellings) is calculated at $7.35 per thousand dollars.
Single family dwellings are calculated by the square footage listed on the Building Permit application.
An additional fee of $4.50/State Fee shall be added to all Commercial and Residential Permits.
For Plumbing work, all fees are noted on the application.
Commercial Plan submittal fee is $125.00 and Residential Plan submittal fee is $55.00.
See Picture as a Sample of Building Permit Calculations:


Smoke Detectors for change of ownership for residential dwellings:
Be sure to pick up the smoke detector application and certification form prior to the change of ownership.
There is no fee for the application and certification form, however, there is a fee charged by the listed third party inspectors for the wiring inspection. Please review the documents carefully for further instructions.

Blasting Contractors shall submit the following:
Copy of Pennsylvania’s “Blasting Activity Permit” from DEP.
Copy of Blasting License of those involved with the blasting as issued by Pennsylvania DEP.
Signed “Hold Harmless Agreement” with the Township.
Complete a Blasting Application.
The permit fee is $35.00 (Cash or Check Made Payable to Lower Paxton Township) and add the $4.50 State Fee.

-Commercial and residential buildings will require the contractor or owner to contact DEP and the Federal Environmental Protection Agency prior to demolition. The building must be thoroughly inspected for any asbestos containing materials. This inspection must be done by someone who is licensed and certified by PA Department of Labor and Industry.  Approval from DEP and EPA are required before a Demolition Permit can be issued.
-A Building Permit application shall be submitted along with the Sanitary Sewer Application (for Sewer Disconnection). The Sewer Authority shall be notified for an inspection of the disconnection. The Authority Fee is $75.00.
-Cost of a Demolition Permit for 1,000 square feet or less – the minimum fee is $10.00 plus $4.50 state fee. Demolition over 1,000 square feet shall be calculated as such, square footage x .02 = cost plus $4.50 state fee.

Please refer to the PA Act 45 (Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code) for all changes, exemptions, and exclusions to the adopted codes. Changes, exemptions, and exclusions can be found on the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry website.
For access to chapter 403 of the UCC please click here.

Forms and Applications (including Building Permit)

Building Permit Fees

In addition to the above codes adopted as the PA UCC, the Township has adopted the 2009 edition of the International Property Maintenance Code.

The PA UCC can be reviewed in the Community Development Department or can be purchased through:

International Code Council Website-
Metropolitan Area Pennsylvania Home Builders Association – 2416 Park Drive (Susquehanna Twp.) 1-800-281-5539
PA Builders Association – 600 N. 12th St. Lemoyne, 730-4380

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