Brightbill Park Summer Basketball League  

Rules and Regulations

    1.  All players MUST WEAR A current TEAM SHIRT EACH GAME- NO EXCEPTIONS!  (Players without team uniform will not be permitted to play.) Shirts may not be altered
    2. Alterations to team shirts are  NOT PERMISSIBLE!  If alterations are made the player(s) will not be permitted to play until the shirt is corrected.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
    3. Appropriate athletic attire and footwear will be required.
    4. Lost or altered shirts will require the player to pay for a new shirt, $35.00.  The player may play while the shirt is ordered upon the Parks and Recreation Department receiving payment for the new shirt. 
  2.  Jewelry/Hair restriction 
    1. Jewelry(earrings, necklaces, bracelets, piercings, and anything else that could be considered jewelry) are not allowed to be worn during the game
    2. PLAYERS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO PLACE TAPE OR BANDAIDS OVER JEWELRY. The player must show what is under the tape/bandage. Failure to do so will result in not being able to play.
    3. Hair adornments (beads, barrettes, bobby pins, etc.) are permissible, provided they are attached closely to the player’s head. Beads that hang on extended hair, hair clips, or any other hair adornment that can cause injury or fall out of the hair easily are NOT PERMITTED and must be removed or secured to the head before being able to play.
    4. Players found with illegal jewelry or hair adornments will not be able to enter the game, or if noticed once they are in the game, must remove the jewelry before play can continue.

3. Pressing Rules: During regular season staff has the authority to request "no press"

  1. a. The 8-10 division may not press any team until 9 minutes left in game time and if leading by 15 or more points.
  2. No 11-13 and 13-15-year-old team may press if leading by 20 or more points.
  3. During playoffs, no team may press if they lead by more than their regular season point allowance. 

4. Zone, Man-to-Man or other defense will be left to the discretion of the coach.

5. If a player or coach receives a direct technical foul, they will be ejected from the game and will be suspended for (1) game immediately following.  Coaches must leave the park facilities; failure to do so results in forfeit of the game.

  1. Second offense will result in a meeting with the coordinator.
  2. Third offense will result in ejection from the league.
  3. Physical altercation including fighting will/may result in immediate ejection from the league.
  4. A coach that is ejected during the playoffs for the current season may forfeit his/her right to coach a team for the following season.
  5. The level of discipline shall be determined by the league officials, based upon the severity of the infraction. 

6. A head coach will receive an Indirect Technical if a player or assistant coach receives a direct technical or if fan is ejected from the park.  When a head coach receives an Indirect Technical, he/she MUST sit on the bench the remainder of the game.  Two Indirect Technical will result in the head coach being ejected from the game.  See Rule 5 for consequences.

7.  In the event a team receives 2 Direct Technicals, a warning will be given immediately; if a 3 rd technical is received the game will result in a forfeit.

8.  Good sportsmanship MUST be demonstrated by coaches, players and parents/spectators.  No horseplay is permitted.   

9. There will be two 18-minute halves with a running clock.

  1. With 2 minutes remaining in the half, the clock will stop on dead balls.
  2. The clock will stop during time-outs.
  3. The only other time the clock will stop is at the referees' discretion.
  4. There will be no overtime period during the regular season.
  5. Playoff overtime will consist of a four-minute running clock.
  6. All teams will make the playoffs at the end of the season* Seedings are based on team records as well as staff and coaches' input. Rating forms may be distributed at preseason coaches meeting or else during the season.

*Teams that receive an accumulation of 5 Direct Technicals involving players or coaches during regular season will not be permitted to play in the playoffs.

  1. Teams are allotted 3 time-outs per game.  Time outs will be 30 seconds each.
  2. Teams may not play unless a coach is present with a visible Court Pass.
    1.  ONLY the head coach, up to two assistant coaches and players listed on the roster may be in the bench area. All others must be in the designated fan area outside of the court. 
    2. ONLY the head coach is permitted to stand within the "coaching box".  If there is not enough room to be seated ON the bench, then assistant coach(es) must stand BEHIND the player's bench, but their involvement is limited to assisting with the players. Assistant coaches who stand in the coach's box or along the sidelines will be asked to leave the court area and move to the designated fan area .  Failure to comply may result in a Technical, removal from the park, or a forfeit of the game.  Repeated offenses will result in the loss of coaching privileges.
    3. Lost Court Pass are subject to a $10 fee.
    4. Coaches must be 18 years old. 
  3. Each team must start with a minimum of 4 players. 
    1. 4 players are at the court at the start of game time then the game starts on time.  No waiting for additional players to start the game, they can enter when they get there.
    2. Players must be part of the team roster.  If a player is found to be playing for a team and is not affiliated with the Brightbill Basketball League the result will be the entire team will be suspended for the remainder of the season.
  4. Players may only participate on one team.  If a player is found to be playing on two teams the result will be the player will be suspended for the remainder of the season.
  5. Games will result in a forfeit if a team is 15 minutes late.
  6. If a team knows in advance they must forfeit, please inform basketball staff and the opposing team's coach.  If there is a "no call/no show" your team will be charged a $10.00 fee.  All fees must be paid prior to playoffs or your team will be disqualified from playoffs. 
  7. Due to lack of court time all rained out games will not be made up.  Inform all players and parents that the coaches will contact players in the event of any cancellations.   Please inform players & parents to NOT call the L.P. Parks & Recreation Department.  Coaches will be contacted by staff directly.    
  8. Follow PIAA regulations for all other rules.  PIAA referees will only be provided for the playoff games. 
  9. Lower Paxton Township Brightbill Basketball League reserves the right to request birth certificate for proof of age.
  10. Refunds will be in full, with a 20% administrative fee deducted if done 2 weeks or more prior to the first day of practice.  If request for a refund is made during the practice weeks, 10% will be taken off the original registration fee and a 20% administrative fee will also be deducted.  If a refund is requested the first week of the season, a 20% fee will be taken and an additional 20% administrative fee deducted.  An additional 10% off will be taken off for each additional week and a 20% administrative fee.
  11. *New* Mercy Rule:  occurs when a team at the start or during the second half is leading by more than 30 points.   When this happens, the following will occur.
    a. The score will stop being kept visibly but will still be kept on the score sheets.
    b. The clock will continue to run under 2 minutes except for the following for either team:
            i.   Called time out.
            ii.  Player injury
            iii. Shooting free throws
    c. The team causing the mercy rule while on the defense must pull their players back to the 3-point line and not step up to play defense on the ball until the offensive team approaches the 3-point line.   At that point defense can be played back to half court.