Compost Facility Permit

In 2022 the annual permit fee for residents to use the compost facility is $50. The fee for a one-day permit is $15. The 2022 annual permit fee for contractors to use the compost facility is $690. A one-day contractor’s permit costs $75.

Annual Permits

Annual permits are designed to hang from a vehicle’s rearview mirror. Therefore, the vehicle registration (not a trailer tag) must be shown when purchasing a permit. Vehicle registrations must indicate a Lower Paxton Township address. Annual permits must be hung from a vehicle’s rearview mirror to gain entry into the compost facility. One-day permits are given to the attendant at the compost facility on the day of use.


Residents and contractors who purchase permits will be permitted to drop-off an unlimited amount of leaf waste at the compost facility. 


Tree trimmings are limited to a maximum of 12 inches in diameter. No stumps, sod, soil, or rocks of any type are permitted. All wire or other metallic objects must be removed from trimmings. 

Permit holders will be allowed to take screened compost and single grind woody waste from the compost facility, when available. Screened compost may only be taken using Kraft bags or containers with capacities up to 36 gallons. Screened compost cannot be bulk loaded into trucks, trunks, or trailers.

Purchase a Permit

Annual and one-day permits may be purchased in advance at the Municipal Center and at Hornung’s Hardware Store, 6005 Blue Bird Avenue. Permits are not sold on-site at the compost facility. Only cash and check payments are accepted. No credit cards accepted.