Ballfield Rental

To Download a Park Ballfield / Court Reservation Request Form
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If obtaining this form online, please call 657-5635 to confirm availability of date.


Weekdays/Evenings $10.00 plus $15/date $20.00 plus $15/date
Weekends/Holidays $20.00 plus $15/date $40.00 plus $15/date

Note: The reservation of a facility by payment of a reservation fee guarantees the use of that facility only, and will not guarantee the use of the adjacent park facilities, ballfields, courts, grounds or equipment.  Activities organized for youth (under age 18) are allowed to reserve facilities without payment.  Adult activity applicants are required to pay a fee (see permit fees below), plus $14.00 per date, per site requested.

Available Park Ball Fields

Koons Brightbill
Field #1 Girls Softball (near tennis courts) Field #8 Midget Baseball
Field #2 Girls Softball (near salt building) Field #9 Adult Softball (Santanna Field)
Field #3 Teener Baseball (near Balthaser St. Field #10 Pony Baseball
Field #4 Girls Softball (near multi-court) Field #11 Tee-Ball
Field #5 Midget Baseball (Michael Jones Field) Field #15 Multi-Purpose
Field #6 Tee-Ball (near pool)    
Field #7 Pony Field (near Balthaser St.)    
Football Field near Raspberry Lane    
Ranger Kohl
Field #1 Lower Right (South) Soccer Field #12 Smaller Softball (near tennis courts)
Field #2 Upper Left (North) Soccer Field #13 Larger Softball (far end of park)
Field #3 Upper Right (South) Soccer    
Field #4 Next to Main Field-Soccer    
Main Soccer Field      
Hurley Maint. Hodges Heights
Field #18 Midget Baseball Field #14 Tee Ball/Softball
Field #19 Babe Ruth Baseball    
Lamplight Forest Hills
Field #21 Multi-Purpose Field Field #22 Multi-Purpose Field
Centennial Acres George
Field #23 Multi-Purpose Field Field #24 Multi-Purpose Field
Paxtonia George
Pony Baseball Field Full Size Soccer Field
Minor Softball Field Intermediate Soccer Field
Teener Softball Field Teener/Multi-Purpose Field
Baseball Field A Midget/Multi-Purpose Field
Baseball Field C Hockey
Tee-Ball Field (top of hill)  


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