Committee Rosters

Vacancy Board
A Vacancy Board is mandated by the Pennsylvania Second Class Township Code.  The Board meets when there is a vacancy on the Board of Supervisors and the remaining four Supervisors are unable to agree upon an appointment. Then, the Chairman of the Vacancy Board, a registered voter from the township, sits with the Supervisors and votes to fill the vacancy. The Chairman of the Vacancy Board is appointed by the Supervisors on an annual basis.
Chairman Daniel Mosel 
Agricultural Security Area Advisory Committee
The Agricultural Security Area Advisory Committee was established in 2000 pursuant to the Agricultural Area Security Law of 1981. The Committee is composed of one representative from the Board of Supervisors, three active farmers, and one at-large citizen. Members are appointed on an annual basis. 
Members: Louis Caperoon
Shain P. DeVan
Staff Liaison: Amanda Zerbe
Arts Council
The Arts Council has been established to develop arts and cultural policies and to provide a vehicle for productive partnership with the Parks and Recreation Department in promotion of the arts, cultural, and aesthetic concerns.  The Council consists of five members who are appointed on an annual basis.
Members: Patricia Crawford
Mary Grace Newsome
Stanley K. Smith
Lorraine Rogers
Sandra McKeehan
Staff Liaison: Terry Bauknight
Lower Paxton Township Authority
The Lower Paxton Township Authority provides sanitary sewer service to our community. The seven-member Authority appoints a manager, solicitor, engineer, and accountant to address the professional and business needs of the sewer system.  By management agreement, the Authority contracts with the Township for the day-to-day operation of the sewer system. The Township Manager serves as Manager of the Authority.  Members of the Authority serve staggered five-year terms.
Members: Justin Eby
 William Hawk
William Hornung
Gary Crissman
Robin Lindsey
David Blain
Steven A. Stine, Solicitor
Staff Liaison: William R. Weaver
Parks and Recreation Board
The Parks and Recreation Board acts in an advisory capacity on park development and recreation programming.  This seven-member body is responsible for directing the Parks and Recreation Department in the development and administration of policies, programs, and facilities.  Members serve staggered five-year terms.
Members: Stanley Smith
Kirby A. Lentz
James Seidler
Glen Haffer
Mayur Patel
Neal A. Johnson
Staff Liaison: Terry Bauknight
Planning Commission
The Planning Commission is a seven-member advisory body on all planning and zoning matters.  The Commission reviews and makes recommendations on all land use, subdivision, and land development proposals, as well as the township's comprehensive plan and related land use regulations.  Members serve staggered four-year terms.
Lori Staub
Jeffery Kline
Lisa Schaefer
Everett Hamilton
Fredrick W. Lighty, Chairman
W. Roy Newsome, Jr.
Douglas Grove

Sandra Bloom (Alternate)

Staff Liaison:  Amanda Zerbe
Public Safety Committee
The Public Safety Committee is an advisory body in regard to police, fire, emergency medical services, and emergency preparedness issues.  The Committee consists of the fire chiefs and presidents of the township's three fire companies, the Public Safety Director, the Fire Marshal, the Emergency Operations Center coordinator, and a representative from South Central Emergency Medical Services.  Members are appointed on an annual basis.
Members: Membership on the Committee is based upon service in one of the above referenced capacities.
Friendship Center Operating Board
The Friendship Center Operating Board is an advisory body for the day-to-day operation and management of the Friendship Center, as well as planning and development of the Center’s future capital needs.  This Board is comprised of one representative from the Board of Supervisors; one representative from the Parks and Recreation Board; and five at-large representatives from the township.  Members appointed for staggered three-year terms.

Bruce Senft
David Berra
John Deiter
Patricia Weidt
Denise Hussar
John Dougherty, Chairman

Tom Thomas

Staff Liaison:  Lynn Wuestner
Shade Tree Commission
The Shade Tree Commission is charged with the custody and control of all trees located in the public rights-of-way of the township.  This five-member body prepares ordinances and regulations, develops educational information, and implements programs in support of the township’s street trees. The Commission regulates the planting, maintenance, and removal of street trees.  Members of the Commission serve a staggered five-year term.
Members: Tim Murphy
Karl Valley
Norman L. Lacasse, Chairman
Greg Schrum
John Whaley
Staff Liaison: Amanda Zerbe
Zoning Hearing Board
The Zoning Hearing Board is a quasi-judicial body consisting of five members, and an alternate, appointed by the Board of Supervisors.  Its primary function is to hear requests for variance of the terms of the Zoning Ordinance, where literal enforcement of the ordinance would result in an undue hardship to the property owner.  Members of the Board serve a staggered five-year term of office, while the alternate serves a three-year term.
Mark Emery
David B. Dowling, Chairman
Allan Hansen
Gregory P. Sirb
Jeffrey W. Staub
Watson Fisher, Alternate
Ronald L. Reeder, Alternate
James H. Turner, Solicitor
Staff Liaison:  Amanda Zerbe
Greenway Committee
The Greenway Committee is an advisory body consisting of seven members appointed by the Board of Supervisors.  Its primary function is to Prepare an implement the Township's Greenway Plan.   Members of the Committee serve a one-year term of office.
Members: James Seidler
Jeffery Kline
Deb Correll
Tom Thomas
Catherine Scheib
Susan Landau
Tilman Larson
Staff Liaison: Terry Bauknight
Community Engagement Committee
The Community Engagement Committee is an advisory body consisting of members of the Parks and Recreation Board, Friendship Center Operating Board, Arts Advisory Council, and Greenway Committee, as appointed by the Board of Supervisors.  The Committee's primary function is to service as a resource to its parent bodies in their attempts to secure funding and community volunteerism.   Members of the Committee serve a one-year term of office.
Members: Patricia Crawford
James Seidler
Debra Correll
Jeffrey Kline
Bruce Senft
Tom Thomas
Sherrie Davis
Staff Liaison: Terry Bauknight
Historical Committee
The Historical Committee is an advisory body consisting of seven members appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The Historical Committee will work with the Board to preserve property of historical and antiquarian interest, as well as share historical information about the Township with the community. Members of the Committee serve a one-year term of office.

William J. Murphy
David Doyle
Donald Gross
Kristy Kessler
Denise Deimler
William Minsker
Robert H. Thomas

Staff Liaison: Amanda Zerbe



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