TUESDAY, JUNE  24, 2008 – 7:00 P.M.



1.                 CALL TO ORDER – Chairman Hawk

2.                 PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Mr. Hawk

3.                 PUBLIC COMMENT

4.                 BOARD MEMBERS’ COMMENTS

5.                 OLD BUSINESS

6.                 NEW BUSINESS

7.                 TOWNSHIP REPORTS

-         Second Consent Decree DEP Annual Report and Meeting(CAP)

·           First Amendment to Second Consent Decree for Paxton Creek and Status of the Second Paxton Creek CAP

·           PC1G Alternatives

·           Winfield Street - Amesbury/S &A Homes Agreement

·           Design of Clear Water System in Devon Manor

·           Beaver Creek Wet Weather Treatment Facility Status

·           Beaver Creek Pumping Station Upgrade

·           BC1A(Linglestown Road PS Area) Sewer Replacement

·           BC Plan for maintaining I/I at current levels

·           Linglestown Road Pump Station Upgrade

·           Spring Creek Restrictor - Meter Data for SC1I and 1F

     -  Beaver Creek CAP with respect to changing conditions

-  Asylum Run A Mini-Basin Total Replacement Schedule

-         Pepsi Proposed Tapping Fee Agreement

8.                 ENGINEERS REPORT

9.                 SOLICITORS REPORT

10.            ADJOURN

NEXT MEETING – August 26, 2008