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Sewer Department

The Authority has also determined through extensive investigations that a significant amount of inappropriate storm water and groundwater is coming from private homes and businesses.  Some common sources of storm water infiltration and inflow (I&I) are private building sewer pipes that connect structures to the sanitary system.  In addition, roof downspouts, sump pumps, and area drains connected to the building sewer contribute to excessive sewer flows.  To remove inflow and infiltration from the sanitary sewer system coming from these private sources, the Authority is working cooperatively with identified property owners within selected mini-basins.  All costs associated with rehabilitation of private building sewers are now being assumed by the Authority.

The Authority and its engineer determined in 1999 that the most cost effective approach to eliminate overflows and reduce I&I is by a systematic “total rehabilitation” of mini-basins.  Generally, a mini-basin is a neighborhood of 150 to 200 homes.  “Total rehabilitation” is the replacement of all public sewer lines and private sewer lines that fail an air test, thereby correcting the sewer system to new standards. The program begins with flow monitoring of all the mini-basins for “total rehabilitation” based on the flow monitoring data during an overflow event and “total rehabilitation” of mini-basins in order of priority until the goal of eliminating overflows is met.

Lower Paxton Township’s future sanitary sewer needs, including its ongoing infiltration and inflow program, are detailed in a Sewage Facilities Plan prepared in accordance with PA Act 537, and is further described under the Sanitary Sewer I&I Status.

Our sanitary sewer system is a complicated maze of underground pipes owned by private parties, by the Township Authority, and by joint municipal partnerships.  Lower Paxton Township is hard at work maintaining and upgrading this system, providing for the needs of its current customers, future development within our community, and protection of our natural environment.

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