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Thomas B. George, Jr. Park


Lower Paxton Township is now developing Thomas B. George, Jr. Park as a regional facility serving the entire community. George Park is a combination of existing park facilities and newly developed parkland, producing the Township's largest park at more than 60 acres. George Park joins three existing recreation areas - Ranger Soccer Fields, Lamplight Neighborhood Park, and the ball fields at the Paxtonia Elementary School with 26 acres donated to the Township by AMP, Inc. and 11 acres purchased by the Township from Tyco Industries. 


George Park is located in the southeast quarter of Lower Paxton Township. It is bounded by Nyes Road to the east; the Lamplight Park and residential development to the south; the Meadowbrook residential development and a business campus to the west; and Ranger Fields, the Paxtonia Elementary School, and the old Lower Paxton Township High School (now owned by New Love In Christ Church) to the north. 


When complete, George Park will be composed of 62 acres available for outdoor recreation. Lower Paxton Township owns 49 acres that will provide for active and passive recreation, with the remaining acreage leased to the Township by the Central Dauphin School District (CDSD). George Park consists of the following:


  • 37 acres now under development. The Township has developed 2 soccer fields, parking for 300 vehicles, a picnic pavilion, an in-line hockey rink, a playground, and a 13-acre nature area for preservation of wetlands and environmental education.
  • 9 acres developed with 5 soccer fields, locally referred to as “Ranger Fields." 
  • 10 acres known as the Paxtonia Ball Fields that are leased to the Township by the CDSD and developed with 6 baseball and softball fields.

Possibility Place, a unique playground suitable for use by all children, irrespective of age or ability, is located in Thomas B. George, Jr. Park and opened to the public in 2006.  The development of Possibility Place was undertaken as a community-wide effort by Inspired Recreation, a dedicated group of caring and determined volunteers.