Notice from the Public Works Department

Wet Weather Recommendations

Lower Paxton Township's storm water facilities inclued over 5,000 storm water drains and over 150 miles of storm sewers.  In preparation for wet weather:

Frequently asked questions about storm water.

QUESTION: Can I install a drain or inlet in the street in front of my home? ANSWER: No. If you have a storm water or drainage concern contact the Public Works Department. A Department representative will perform a site visit. In many cases there are other factors that are contributing to a storm water problem that are not resolved by a drain or inlet..

QUESTION: What can I do with runoff from my neighbor’s downspouts that are affecting my property? ANSWER: On site drainage between two property owners is generally a civil issue that cannot be addressed by the Township.

QUESTION: Can the Public Works Department clean a stream that crosses my property? ANSWER: Maintenance of a stream or waterway is a property owner’s responsibility. The Public Works Department is only responsible for stream cross pipes that convey water under a public street.

QUESTION: I have water coming through the walls of my home into my basement during heavy rain storms. Can the Public Works Department help me with this problem? ANSWER: The Public Works Department cannot control ground water and is not permitted to work on private property or structures.

PENN STATE EXTENSION: Homeowner's Guide to Stormwater

The PA Public Utility Commission (PUC) provides the following tips to deal with utilities issues for individuals experiencing flooding.

  Downed power lines:

Flooding and electric power:

Flooding and natural gas safety: